1. NegBERT: A Transfer Learning Approach for Negation Detection and Scope Resolution

    Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), pages 5739–5748

    Authors: Aditya Khandelwal, Suraj Sawant

  2. Resolving the Scope of Speculation and Negation using Transformer-Based Architectures

    Authors: Benita Kathleen Britto, Aditya Khandelwal

  3. Multitask Learning of Negation and Speculation using Transformers

    LOUHI 2020: The 11th International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis

    Authors: Aditya Khandelwal, Benita Kathleen Britto

    Code (for all the above): Transformers for Negation and Speculation


In Progress

  1. Deep-Learning based Motor-Imagery EEG Signal Classification

    Experimenting with multiple design choices for the pipeline of classification of the MI-EEG Signals on the BCIC 4-2a, BCIC 4-2b, BCIC 3-4a datasets.

  2. Orthogonal Attention: A Cloze-Style Approach to Negation Scope Resolution

    Creating a new Cloze-Style Attention mechanism inspired by Self Attention, and using it to address Negation Scope Resolution.


  1. Algorithmic API Generation for SimpleFix

    Used an XML file containing the structure of FIX Protocol messages to generate code for a higher-level API over SimpleFix.

  2. My DL Library

    Implemented basic Deep Learning concepts from Scratch using NumPy : (ANN, CNN, Optimizers like SGD, AdaGrad and Adam).

  3. Twitter Sentiment Analysis

    A deep learning model to implement Sentiment Analysis by a character-level Convolutional Neural Network, based on the paper by Xiang Zhang, Yann LeCun and Junbo Zhao. Model is scaled down to decrease training time and memory usage.

  4. Cryptron Game Playing Bot

    A bot that plays a game called Cryptron (Xodia’s problem statement for Credenz 2017). Uses MiniMax implemented with Alpha-Beta pruning, Iterative Deepening and a Principal-Variation Table.

Machine Learning Blog

Authors: Aditya Khandelwal, Renu Khandelwal

  1. Walk-through of a Machine Learning Example: The Iris Dataset

Lectures/Talks Given

Induction Lecture Series for COEP’s DS-AI Club

Video Playlist (YouTube)

  1. An Introduction into Python
  2. Functions and Objects in Python
  3. Important Libraries in Python (for Machine Learning)
  4. Machine Learning - 1
  5. Linear Regression from Scratch

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